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A visual archive of Tombstones

About PhotoGraver.com

PhotoGraver.com derives its name from the term "graver", which can be defined as "one who frequently visits cemeteries". A secret that gravers understand is that cemeteries are some of the most beautiful and tranquil places that can be found, even in very populous cities. They've been described by some as "perfect, private parks without the crowds, litter, and noise."

PhotoGraver.com got its start when San Antonio native James Frank started donating his time taking photos for individuals seeking images of their relative's memorials. While seeking the locations of these graves, he experienced resistance from the local city government when they attempted to charge him for the location data. So, he decided to go around them -- by taking a photo of every grave in the cemetery! The ease of use of digital cameras made it possible to take over 100 photos per hour. In just a matter of days he was able to accumulate thousands of photos, with the added bonus of enjoying a nice day and getting a little exercise.

However, transcribing is another matter. But the invaluable help of hundreds of individuals online made this task easy. By just taking the time to type in a last name, and perhaps additional memorial information, a valuable archive of historical and geneological data has started to amass, created by the public, and free to the public.

Our archives are growing daily with the continued help of volunteers taking photos, and others transcribing. The division of labor makes this task more pleasant, since each volunteer only does what they want to do. Some just transcribe a little, and some just take photos. But if you want, you can do both!

PhotoGraver.com can be contacted at PhotoGraver@satx.rr.com .

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